Not quite.  Actually, not by a long shot, but every day I get closer!

Last November, while spending the week of Thanksgiving with my good friend from childhood, in her beautiful home in No Cal, El Dorado HIlls, to be exact, which I adore, and doing some day tripping, I found it.  The "It" that got me all fired up to really take the leap and work towards trying to build a business for myself that was more a lifestyle.

Andrea has spent the last couple of years trying to get her fledgling designer jewelry and gift off the ground and she was in the final stages, so she didn't have a ton of time to day trip, not to mention, her stress level was pretty high.  Oh, and she was hosting Thanksgiving for her wonderfully eclectic group of buds.  She wanted to be sure we got to the cute little town of Folsom because we HAD to go to this store, Not Too Shabby. 

First, we stopped at a little gourmet chocolate shop and bought the things we needed for the next hour or two!  Then we stepped into Not Too Shabby.  My heart stopped just a second or two.  I've been in a million shops like this, and so have you!  Great location, cool things, old and new, spilling out the front door, begging you to come closer and take a look and touch.  It was the inside - there was so much color and yet, there was none.

Of course, it was decorated for the holiday season upon us and though I saw glimpses of red and gold and green here and there, what I really saw were the whites, the whites with wood showing through, the smooth blues, some foamy greens, and the shapes and bones of the pieces these colors covered.  And then I saw the buffet, repainted and every inch of its shelves covered with a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The colors were so creamy and soft and bold and impactful...quietly so.  I just walked around touching the colors, not the pieces they covered.

Chalk Paint.  Huh.  In 2013, I spent a night at Andrea's during Thanksgiving week and while I was there, we reminisced about our families, our childhoods, what each of us remembered and the other didn't, and a lot about our Moms.  In Andrea's bedroom is a beautiful piece of furniture, a long, heavy dresser, like they used to make and her Mom had refinished it many, many years ago.  It looked like pickled driftwood.  I couldn't get the finish on that piece out of my mind and when my New Year's Eve plans got cancelled at the very last minute, I started Googling chalk paint and found a few YouTube videos on how to make it.  I don't recall seeing Annie Sloan.

So off to Lowe's I went, bought the ingredients, and spent New Year's Eve weekend mimicking the finish on Andrea's piece.  It wasn't exact, but I loved it, I had a blast, and it looked great in my bedroom!  New furniture for less than $100!  Yay!

So when I saw the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint cans, which look great in and of themselves, and the beautiful colors, with the consistency of a creamy milkshake before restaurants started putting cookies and candy in them, I just couldn't think of much else.

I got home, did a little homework, found a store about 50 miles from me who sold it and I was off!  I painted, and painted, and painted, and painted.  Almost obsessed, I could barely stop.  I have a great friend who supported me, along with her dear husband, 110% and we rode around in their truck picking up pieces I bought.  And after some practice, I did the furniture in her loft over the garage.  Now I was big time!

I bought candlesticks, lamps, some furniture, children's piggy banks, and some "one-off" accessories and just kept painting.  It was almost like I was in a trance!  I went to the town square in my little town and leased a booth in the Antique Market.  I stayed up painting until midnight, 1:00a.m. trying to get things ready for this booth to open.  Was I nuts?

I have a day job.  I am a Human Resources Manager for a manufacturing company and I'm pretty busy.  Constantly recruiting, traveling to our other facilities, dealing with employee needs/problems/issues all day long and into the night if something goes wrong.  But I had to paint.  Just paintpaintpaint!

Sara and her husband spent an entire day helping me get my booth set up and moving things into it and it's done okay so far.  I need more accessories and I'll get there.  I took a deep breath after it opened and then...

While at a lunch meeting for a Board I am on, one other Board Members, and interior designer, asks me if I want to do the furniture and faux wall of the coffee shop remodel she is doing.  Of course I want to!  Yes!  I'll start right now!

Full disclosure - I am the kinda' gurl who thinks she can do anything (that's what my Mom raised!) and while the thought of doing faux scared me, I knew I could do it.  After searching endlessly for a class, I found one I could afford and that was local.  And it turns out, the woman who owns this faux business, "faux" is very 80s/90s, the current term is "Decorative Finishes", is a delight, taught me all the basics in two days, and has been an incredible mentor to me.

So I had a paying job, a booth with some sales by March!  Not bad for starting at the end of December!

Nope, I'm not really there yet, but I am getting there.  And with a couple of other side ventures going on, I will be there.  My intention is to be there by the end of this year.  I will get  there and you


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